Every creative person has to flush out the pipes from time to time.

I’m really terrible at blogging. I rarely take the time to write emails or texts, so I’m extra-bad at postcards or letters.

But I have thoughts and ruminations and lamentations that make up the super-thick sludge that I need to flush out of my brain-pipes from time to time so that I don’t beat my children (who are cats) and my head won’t explode.

Also, like anyone who makes art, I am starved for love and attention.

That’s what this is for. That’s why I’m here on Substack.

If anyone who makes art ever tells you they’re not doing it for love and attention, tell them to shut their lying mouth because you know better. (See diagram 1.)

Diagram 1

Why subscribe?

What could be better than not having to do anything but subscribe? Once you do that, you’ll receive updates via email every Sunday and Thursday. Should that be called thought-free entertainment?!

What is the cost of all this useless beauty?

The cost is $5 per month, or $30 per year. I’m no math whiz, but I think the yearly subscription saves you a lot. It’s like half what you’d pay for the monthly subscription.

And if you would share the posts on social media, that’d be great but it’s not obligatory.

Do whatever you want. I’ll keep posting while you make up your mind.